• We are Virtual Reality production studio

    10+ years of experience in producing 360° VR Content

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  • Virtual Destinations

    The next generation of virtual travel has arrived

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  • 360° Interactive Virtual Tours

    Immerse your customers in your location, event, product or service.

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  • 360° Aerial Imagery

    Impress your audience by stunning aerial imagery.

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  • 360° VR Video

    Immerse your audience in your product, location or event

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Rapturous Media is a Sydney based Virtual Reality production studio with a decade of experience in the field of virtual reality, 360° photography and video, premium 360° virtual tours and more.

360° VR Video Production


We will take care of all aspects of 360° video production. From advisory and planning through production and post-production all the way to the delivery and distribution.

All platforms

YouTube, Facebook, VR Headsets, Desktop, Mobile, Website or dedicated app… Maximize your reach by taking the most of each platform.

into the air

We specialize in aerial 360° VR video production from drones, helicopters, etc.

Premium 360° Interactive Virtual Tours

interactive virtual tours

20K Resolution

Experience the new level of image quality. Striking details and outstanding colour reproduction will take your breath away.

just for you

No templates. Every virtual tour is made to match the needs of your sales team exactly.

VR Headsets

Every virtual tour features Virtual Reality Mode so viewer is one tap away from experiencing VR tour in a virtual reality headset.

360° VR Aerial Photography and Video

Take your 360 VR content into new heights

Whatever you do, we’ll bring it to life. Amazing interactive VR experiences that immerse your customers in your location, event, product or service. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Latest projects