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Sydney360 Guide enables people around the world to visit and experience the wonders of Sydney from the comfort of their own living room.

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  • Client: The Entertainment Media Group
  • Industry: Travel & Tourism


When Mark approached us with the request of creating a short 360 video stories from his boat cruises, we had an idea about how to take the content to the next level. Our concept of virtual city guide had been waiting on the shelf for years, and this was an excellent opportunity to bring it to life – was born.

A few handpicked 360 aerial photographs from our library provided a solid foundation for the project. Then we crafted an intuitive and functional UI for seamless user experience.

Starting up with stunning 360° views of Sydney Harbour, visitors have full control over the experience, so they can take their virtual holiday wherever they want. During the journey, users are invited to watch 360° video stories about some best-kept secrets of Sydney, presented by local guides.

This unique project provides an interactive, revolutionary experience that can be accessed anywhere in the world via computer, mobile or tablet. Sydney360 Guide is the next exciting step in holiday planning and virtual travelling, allowing people to hold the virtual keys to one of the most vibrant cities on the planet in the palm of their hand.

360° Video Stories

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