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Government House Sydney 360° Virtual Tour


  • Client: Government House Sydney
  • Industry: Government
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Government House Sydney (GHS) approached Rapturous Media with a request for a virtual tour. We developed a unique concept that included super-high resolution 360° photography, Aerial 360° Photography and innovative UI/UX design to produce a memorable 360° experience.

We used high-resolution cameras and our creative workflow to capture and produce a lifelike 360° experience of this heritage-listed historical gem. An Aerial 360° overview provides a great introduction to the experience and highlights the location of the house within other landmarks such as Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Special care was taken while working with all 39 paintings of NSW Governors. Each was handled and edited individually to eliminate reflections and any unwanted artifacts.

We also developed a system for capturing ceilings. Chandeliers were seamlessly removed so a viewer can enjoy the artwork in full glory and in incredible detail. Interestingly, this is something that cannot be experienced in person when visiting the house.

The minimalist UI/UX design includes a comprehensive palette of functions and a vast amount of information readily available. Information hotspots throughout the tour provide a learning experience and snapshot feature allow the viewer to capture and share the image.

The release of the virtual tour was a huge success for GHS, receiving praise from around the world and far exceeding the expected numbers. We continue to build on the GHS virtual tour; new features and content are already in the works.

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